I hope you can catch a lot.







DESEOのコンセプトは、自己ベストを釣り上げた時の感動を、アパレルデザインを通じて共有すること。- Share the personal best record - を表した「腕メジャー」デザインは、DESEOのコンセプトそのものです。





May your wish come true.

"DESEO is an apparel brand that aggressively colors the fishing scene.

For those who enjoy hobbies casually, masters of the best, beginners and core anglers, everyone can spend a fulfilling time. To share the excitement with many people. We are motivated to make things with such feelings. Coordinating freely in sports and street scenes, we will propose a new style that is different from the fishing scene so far.


Experience your personal best and share the excitement.

The pleasure of catching a fish in the image of the underwater world, and the tension of bargaining with a fish in a place surrounded by nature. The real pleasure of fishing is that the higher the hurdle, the more fun it becomes.

The concept of DESEO is to share the excitement of catching your personal best through apparel design. The "arm measure" design that represents --Share the personal best record --is the very concept of DESEO.


Enjoy fishing to many people.

We want you to enjoy fishing fashionably. We want more people to know and sympathize with the fun and excitement of fishing. Through our brand, we convey to anglers around the world that "fishing" is sometimes a sport and a culture that enriches our daily lives.

We will provide new values and enjoyment of fishing that will appeal to everyone regardless of age or gender.